Movement for Life Assessments

Movement for Life is not just an assessment - it's a methodology.

Our goal is optimization; be that through the prevention of further injury, quicker recovery times, treatment of pain, or improved performance. Here at M4L, our certified staff provides uniquely developed Movement and Mobility Assessments using a combination of muscular and joint movement and strengthening techniques, as well as our own decades of personal experience in sports training and conditioning. Taking advantage of our newly minted facility in Germantown, MD, our assessments can analyze current limitations and help determine a comprehensive plan to improve using a personalized combination of in-house training and at-home exercises.

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Assessment Options


  • Shoulder, knee, hip, etc.
    • Suggested if you suffer from pain in a singular joint or set of muscles on one side


  • Upper body
    • Suggested if you suffer from chronic neck or upper back pain
  • Lower body
    • Suggested if you suffer from foot pain while walking/standing for long periods of time, knee or hip pain after sitting for long periods of time


  • Best value!
  • Comprehensive whole body assessment
    • Suggested if you want a comprehensive assessment to identify the source of chronic pain and how to fix it yourself; or
    • Recommended if you want to find out where you are having power leaks and where you can improve to increase physical output

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