Dr. April Smith


April established the company in 2003 and has worked for over 20 years in the fields of operations research, information technology (IT), engineering assessment, public policy and regulatory compliance. She has assumed mission critical roles to perform nuclear safety assessments, manage nuclear security programs, direct large IT projects and analyze large organizations to develop strategic plans for improving organizational effectiveness.

Sean E. Peters

Vice President

Sean has a diverse background in nuclear plant safety analysis, human factors and reliability, and aerospace/mechanical engineering. With over 25 years of project management and engineering experience, he has served as a US representative on multiple international committees and has led research initiatives regarding safety, reliability, and organizational factors within nuclear facilities.

Molina Smith, LMT, RMP

Director of Outreach and Massage Therapy

Molina fosters relationships between M4L and our clientele or partners, as well as ensures the continuing development of our staff. Through her diverse background in transportation logistics, massage therapy, customer service, and ministry, Molina is conversant in various technical and non-technical fields, strengthening M4L's ability to communicate and serve a wide range of clients. Molina is a license massage therapist in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Texas. She is also a registered massage therapist in Maryland.

Ghera Boryachinskiy

Director of Human Performance

After being a professional athlete and an athletic coach for many years, Ghera has come to understand and appreciate the various factors that are integral to human performance. After having several setbacks and injuries in his career, he learned the importance of efficient movement and biomechanics in all aspects of life. He is a certified Mobility Coach from the mWOD Institute that was founded by Dr. Kelly Starrett. Having an extensive athletic background allows him to help clients with a variety of chronic pain problems and diminished physical capabilities. Ghera gives great value to continuing education and works constantly on having the cutting-edge information and techniques available for our clients to improve their performance.

John F. Kircher

Director of Athletics

John has over 25 years of experience managing athletic facilities and athletic programs for educational and private organizations. John's ability to manage athletic programs in multi-disciplinary, fast-paced environments gives M4L the edge when developing athletic curricula or providing cutting edge facilities for our clients.